BREAKING NEWS: Maddow is a Moron


BREAKING NEWS: Maddow is a Moron

By Spencer Harris and Rose Taylor

Well, that was underwhelming. After a massive build-up about President Trump's Tax return unveiling, one thing was finally proven: President Donald J. Trump is a very wealthy man who paid the legally required amount of taxes. He even filed them correctly which is more than I can say for myself. So thank you, Rachel Maddow, for showing the country once again that the left will run like hell without thinking to try and put forth the slightest possibility that the President might have done something wrong at some point in his life.

The night began with a tweet from Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, claiming they had President Trumps tax returns (seriously).

Social media buzzed with the anticipation of what, exactly, this tweet meant. The left immediately assumed their narrative that President Trump unlawfully evaded paying his taxes would be vindicated. The right assumed that no one in the IRS would lack the mental capacity to realize that leaking President Trump's taxes (which is illegal) would be a terrible idea.

The first question I had was how these 'tax returns' came into the possession of such a hard hitting news platform? Things like Donald Trump’s 15-year-old tax return do not just show up out of the blue. It was reported that they were put in an investigative reporter’s mailbox. This "reporter"  turned out to be David K. Johnston-a Trump biographer. I am sure it was put there by the Russians – right after they gave Jack those beanstalk beans.

When I was a kid, I remember a huge build up to a Geraldo Rivera special. Rivera was going to open Al Capone’s vault on the air. He did. It was empty. That empty vault was so much better than this. At least that could have been categorized as a current event. The tax returns in question by Maddow turned out to be from 2005. First the stern warning of the highly anticipated Stella blizzard that turned out to be a dud and now this?  Hell of a great job on the news today mainstream media.

Although the focus of Maddow's report was supposed to be the newly obtained copies of President Trump's taxes, she spent 20 minutes reciting a monolog of leftist conspiracies. Her 'breaking news' turned out to be not so 'breaking.' In addition, she was outflanked by none other than the President. The White House released a statement confirming the tax return with correct numbers an hour prior to her show airing. What followed was a world-class display of journalistic desperation – and it had to be. The left has been pushing the “Trump does not pay taxes” and the “Russian” narrative since election day. They had to get something out there to (dare I hope) put some closure to it all - especially with the new narrative that the Russians were involved in President Trump's tax return for that year.

Trying desperately to conflate him with some kind of scandal, Maddow mentioned that then citizen Donald Trump bought a $40 million house in a down market and subsequently sold it for $100 million. Maddow referred to the buyer as a (dramatic pause with equally dramatic music) “Russian oligarch” that was somehow tied to a Russian bank which was, in turn, somehow associated with Wilbur Ross – the current Secretary of Commerce. Time after time there were insinuations of possible ties to Russia or something equally nefarious without offering a shred of proof and simultaneously being ominous. For good measure, she even threw in a reminder that some U.S. Attorneys were recently fired. How that relates I have no idea.

The media behaves like some sort of journalistic masochist. They keep coming back to take a beating over and over by sticking their speculative necks out only to get them chopped off while they proceed to run around like tonight’s chicken dinner. A New York Times reporter went so far as to ask someone to commit a felony by soliciting the President’s tax returns. Can anything be more desperate? These people are actually willing to violate the law just to try to make someone look bad – and might not accomplish that at all. The media is supposed to be on the side of the people, to be the watchdog for those who cannot keep a watchful eye.

Maddow's report devolved quickly into a petition being circulated and signed requesting the release of full tax returns along with pictures of chicken balloons sporting a Trump haircut. The highlight of the evening came when Maddow announced she had three whole pages of the $150 million tax return and waived them around like a winning lotto ticket. Having lost the ability to claim that President Trump evaded paying taxes, she speculated whether or not he paid enough in taxes. In the span of about an hour, the left went from “he paid zero taxes” to “he paid $38 million in taxes” to “should he have paid more?” They failed to mention that the percent of taxes that he paid was relatively high. Tucker Carlson highlighted on his show that President Trump paid more in taxes than Barak Obama or Bernie Sanders- and this was over ten years ago! Conservatives on Twitter were having a bit of fun with this new knowledge - Thank you, Rachel!


Without fail, she also touched on the question of his charitable donations. Did he donate enough? Ok then.
It appears we were all deceived once again at the thought of the news providing news. It felt much like your first sexual experience. You talk about it for six weeks, it happens, and the actual experience is not nearly what you thought it would be. We still have no proof that the Russians did anything other than what they normally do concerning the US elections and FAR less than Obama did in the Israeli elections in 2015. I am sure an Emmy nomination next year for “fearless reporting” is in the cards for Ms. Maddow. The only suspense that remains is waiting to see what memes will come of this and what the SNL skit will be this weekend.

The next theory: Donald Trump let this get out to make the mainstream media look even more incompetent. I was not aware, until now, the mainstream media could possibly look more incompetent. Maddow single handily destroyed a leftist talking point all the while believing she had stumbled upon a breaking news story. All of America was left wondering what the hell had just happened. By the way Rachel, Trump killed Kennedy and Elvis is still alive.

Oh, and in case you missed it, here are a few hilarious tweets highlighting the sheer ineptness of poor Rachel Maddow's attempt at investigative journalism. Bless her heart.

Inauguration 2017- President Donald J Trump

Today, I am honored to watch our 45th President be sworn into office. I am honored to watch history being made. I am honored to be on what I believe is the right side of history. Watching all the events leading up to the Presidential Inauguration has been surreal. The concert on the Eve of the Inauguration highlighted the patriotism of the new administration. As Lee Greenwood sang “Proud to be an American,” President Trumps’ love for America and its people could be seen. This moment showcased the return of patriotism at the highest level of office in the American Government. We now have a Commander in Chief that has pride in his country; in his fellow Americans; in the men and women who serve in our military- our 45th President of the United States, Donald John Trump.

As I watched and waited this morning, I could not help but feel hopeful for a new beginning in America. An America where we no longer have to be politically correct for fear of ‘offending’ someone- instead we speak the truth that needs to be heard. An America where our government does not use ‘Identity Politics’ to pander for votes- instead we have a government for ALL the people- even the ones who disagree. An America where our President does not make deals to appease big donors- instead our President makes deals in which America WINS! An America where we do not sit by idly and allow terrorist to ravage the world- instead we achieve peace through strength and become a force to be reckoned with once again.

These hopes were echoed today as the Inauguration took place. President Donald J Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived at the White House, greeted by former President Barrak Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. President Trump conducted himself with class, even bringing a gift in a beautiful box for the Former President.  After joining the Obamas for tea in the White House, President Trump and Former President Obama exited the White House and began the journey to the Lincoln Memorial.

There was a palpable sense of excitement in the crowd of people gathered to celebrate President Trumps’ inauguration day.  Many of the people gathered there had fought long and hard to get to this point. This was the embodiment of their victory!

The Lincoln Memorial was adorned with America Flags, perfectly staging the area where President Trump was to be Inaugurated.  The anticipation heightened as everyone entered and took their seats. Finally, President Donald J. Trump entered. He very respectfully shook hands again with the Obama’s as took his place.

The introduction reflected on past Inaugurations and their significance. It was followed by a series of beautiful prayers and scriptures.  The Missouri State University Chorale performance was beautiful and powerful and the perfect lead in to the swearing in of our Vice President Michael R. Pence. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed ‘America the Beautiful’ as the nation waited in anticipation for President Donald J Trump to take the oath of office. The patriots who fought with everything in them, let out a sigh of relief as they witnessed this historic moment- “Introducing for the first time EVER the 45th President of the United States of America- President DONALD J TRUMP!!”

President Donald J. Trump delivered one of the most powerful and patriotic speeches that I have heard in my lifetime. It is like a breath of fresh air to have a  President who is patriotic and NOT patronizing. The peaceful transfer of power is complete- it has been transferred from Washington back to the people. President Donald J Trump is bringing America back to its roots, the constitution! We are once again  ‘WE THE PEOPLE!’ The power no longer lies with the establishment politicians!

Those families that had little to celebrate over the last 8 years can finally stand up and celebrate. President Trump said  “This moment is your moment!! It belongs to you!”  No longer will we be powerless to help the  ‘mothers and children trapped in poverty’ as President Trump described. No longer will we have to tolerate putting foreign interests before our own countries interests. “This American Carnage stops- Right here, Right now,” President Trump said. We will once again be an America of which to be proud. We will shine again! We will lead by example, being a nation that other nations aspire to be. We will have a military that is intact and revered. Together there is nothing that we can not achieve. “We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny,” said President Trump.

President Trumps Inaugural address was historic to say the least. There were many parts that brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart. (The entire transcript can be read here) However, there is one part of the address that I think sums up the overall message-

“At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other.

When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. The Bible tells us, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”

Reverend Franklin Graham said today in his address that in the bible it says- rain is a sign of a blessing from God. As Trump stepped up to the podium and the rain drops adorned his suit, Gods blessings were once again pouring down on our nation; cleansing us from the corruption of the past eight years; blessing us to move forward and once again be a country united as one, under God, in whom we trust!

Congratulations to our 45th President of the United States- Donald John Trump!

Gregg Phillips- Unrigged

Gregg Phillips

By “Rose Taylor”

In 2016 we saw the media standards hit a new low. Honest and accurate journalism seems to have vanished without a trace. The days of reporting facts and truth are gone. Bias has tainted every headline, creating false narratives presented as ‘truth.’ What is truth? By definition, truth means “The quality or state of being true, that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.” By this definition, we can conclude that if something is ‘true’ it is factual. However, it seems the new standard is to seek out pieces of information that match an agenda. While there are many examples of this in today’s media, one that caught my attention was the articles written about Gregg Phillips.

After the 2016 Presidential Election, Gregg Phillips posted a tweet that sent the entire mainstream media into a frenzy. His tweet stated that more than 3 million non-citizens cast ballots in the Election. While the statement itself drew a lot of attention, it wasn’t until President-Elect Donald J. Trump made a similar statement that the media started to push a false narrative.

The media did what they always have done concerning the issue of voter fraud. They looked for any information that would corroborate the story they needed to push. In the past, the narrative has been ‘there is no voter fraud’ or that ‘voter fraud is a myth.’ The mainstream media has not ever acknowledged even the possibility of voter fraud, that is until now.

Seeing the complete and total bias in the mainstream media concerning voter fraud and specifically the published stories concerning Gregg Phillips prompted me to do a little research. What I found were stories containing information that was not just biased, but wrong. I reached out to Gregg Phillips to set the record straight.

Gregg Phillips has been involved in the mission not only to expose but fix voter fraud for many years. He grew up in Alabama where voter fraud was a way of life in the 1980’s. There were counties in Alabama where 140% of the voting age population would not only register – but VOTE. Gregg began to realize the need for voter fraud to be exposed when a close friend of his, Perry Hooper, Sr ran for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. When the election results came in, the initial report was that he had lost by 500 votes. However, they were able to discover enough fraudulent votes to overturn the election. A small county in Alabama was able to influence the results of an election with voter fraud. Some people pushed and did not give up and as a result, Perry Hooper, Sr rightfully served as the 27th Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court from 1995-2001. The battle to expose and fix voter fraud has not been an easy one. The denial of its existence has made it an uphill battle. The narrative started to change this year when the theory of Russia hacking the election made headlines. All of the sudden, the possibility of voter fraud was recognized.

However, the mainstream media still wants to control the narrative. They want to push the theory that Russia hacked the election, but still are in denial about non-citizens voting. When the media picked up the story concerning Gregg Phillips tweet, their mission as to discredit him. They even went so far as to falsely report that Phillips had murdered a man in Sarasota. As it turns out the man was a different Gregg Phillips, a 30-year-old African American. The story was published without verifying the information, only to discredit him. Talk about needing Identity resolution!

Most would agree that our country is more divided than ever before. There is deep division concerning voter fraud as well. There is a section of the country that does not believe that voter fraud exists at all. Then we have people on the right and the left that are concerned about different types of voter fraud. The people on the left fear that the election was ‘hacked’ by Russia. Although there is no evidence that Russia hacked the election (more about that here), it changed the narrative, and now the media has to recognize that the possibility of voter fraud exists.  At the end of the day, whether we are talking about Russia or Non-Citizens voting-all, of it is voter fraud.

Restoring trust in in our election system is paramount.  The data that has been collected and analyzed by Gregg Phillips and True the Vote exposes past fraud. However, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to FIX systemic, institutionalized voter fraud. We have to come up with a way to ensure that we have an American Voter ID number that follows you from state to state. A national Voter ID will help eliminate duplicate voters on the voter rolls in different states. A lot of people come into the system through federal registrations. There is currently no algorithm that verifies identity at the federal level. The states are currently restricted in verifying identity by the feds. The feds are tying the hands of the states to be able to clean the voter rolls.

There are two pieces to fixing voter fraud. Recognizing that there is a problem is vital. However, we can not stop there. We solve nothing without preventing it from happening again. We have to figure out HOW it happens and take measures not to let it happen again. Gregg Phillips said “As a country, we have a third world election system” There are other countries, including Mexico, that have better election practices than us. We can and should learn from these better practices. What we are doing now is not working, and it is a failure by design. Half of the states still use 10-year-old technology, and a third of the states use 15-year-old technology.  Beyond updating our technology, we need to smoke out the people who are committing the fraud in the first place. There are districts in Philadelphia that vote 100% Democrat EVERY time. That is simply not statistically likely.

So, you may ask- What is it that Gregg is waiting for? If he has this data, why not release it? There are two felonies involved for every single non-citizen that voted. It is a federal felony to register as a non-citizen, and it is a federal felony to then vote. Gregg said “If we come out and say that there are 3.5 million non-citizen voters, we are accusing 3.5 million people of multiple felonies. We want to go back and check and double check and then re-check. We want it to be right, but we also want to be able to admit if we are wrong. But if we are wrong it will be on order of magnitude (as in how many non-citizens voted), But Even one is too many!” Furthermore, 42 % of the federal applications that are submitted do not even have enough information to verify identity. “It is so systemic and been allowed to go on for SO long, ” said Phillips. Part of the challenge is trying resolve identity on every single person. The system is designed to allude truth. Accuracy is paramount, and when the times comes to release the data, all methodologies will be explained as well as how they arrived at every single person’s citizenship.

For the first time, we have a chance to fix voter fraud with Attorney General Sessions and President Trump. Other media outlets have approached this with an agenda. They begin with their desired end in mind. They ask biased and targeted questions to spin a story in the direction they want it to go instead of just looking at the facts. They say ‘this can not possibly be true’ because they do not have the data. Drawing the conclusion that something is false based on not having the data is irresponsible. At that point, it is ‘unverified.’   As Gregg Said “Just because you don’t have it doesn’t mean that I don’t have it. You are questioning my veracity NOT the veracity of the data that you have not seen. I do have the data. The media says it’s not true so that the media can say it’s not true. This is true. Truth is Truth. It doesn’t matter if the media says its not true or what their motives or reasons for saying it’s not true, but this IS true. Just because they say, its not true- does not mean it’s not true. The truth is Truth; the news outlets just don’t want to acknowledge that it might be true. If there is one thing, I would like for people to understand it is this -just because you don’t have the evidence doesn’t mean that I don’t. And We do. The truth that is in our possession will change the narrative forever. Our intention is to finish what we are doing; we are going to get this right, no matter how long it takes. I want to get it right for them, for us. We are going to turn it over to whoever can lead the charge and the fix. If we can fix these things, then any incoming that we take between now and then is all worth it.”

For now, we wait. The data is coming. The information exists. The mainstream media will continue to push the false narrative as always. The beautiful thing is that we now have alternate sources exposing the truth. As Gregg stated, and I wholeheartedly agree with- Truth is Truth.

Inauguration Eve- Why We Should Celebrate

Inauguration Eve

By “Rose Taylor”

Today, January 19, 2017, is Inauguration Eve. The night before we Inaugurate our 45th President of the United States- Donald J. Trump. The journey to get to this point has been long and emotional. There have been very memorable moments along the way. From the GOP primaries where President Trump fought against 17 other establishment republicans and WON to the bitter battles fought in the general election- every moment was worth it. We did it, we won. We worked hard and fought against the seemingly impossible obstacles. We watched the left try their hardest to bring us down with slander and lies. But we did not give up and more importantly President Trump did not give up.

Tomorrow, on January 20, 2017 at noon, President Donald J. Trump will officially be sworn in. Then the real work begins. We may have won the battle, but the war is not over. We have to tighten our bootstraps and get back to work. We will be working towards Making America Great Again and also holding our new President accountable to his promises.

However, for today lets celebrate! Let us enjoy this time intended to honor our newly elected President. We earned it! Let us celebrate renewed hope for change. Let us celebrate a President that is truly for ALL The people. Let us celebrate a chance to unite, not divide.

The battles we are fighting will still be there after President Trump is sworn in tomorrow. Do not let your joy be stolen by the naysayers. Embrace the excitement that you feel, let yourself appreciate our victory. None of this would have been possible without us, the voters.

The Presidential Inauguration is a time to honor and to celebrate! So as for me, I will be celebrating. I will be sharing this historic moment with my friends and family. I will focus on honoring our President today, so that tomorrow I can tighten my bootstraps and arm myself to continue to fight! Congratulations Trump supporters- this is my battle cry!

Propaganda Unveiled- Wikileaks and Russia

“By Rose Taylor”

Transparency, accountability and honesty SHOULD define a government in a free society. In the United States, we were founded upon being an open and transparent Government. A government of ‘We the people.’  One where the states held the power and the people had a voice.

Now, that is not to say just because America is a ‘free society’ we then automatically have a transparent, corrupt free government. I think most would agree that the opposite is true. Until recent years, there was at least an attempt at fighting back against the growing corruption in our government. Investigative and honest journalism provided some clarity and revealed some corruption. Journalism was taken seriously and was not a place for opinion, but FACT. Somewhere along the way, that ideology has been lost. Unfortunately, the ‘mainstream media,’ as it is referred to now, has lost its integrity. ‘Journalism’ with in the media is no longer honest or investigative. Some would say that is has even become propaganda.

Due to the lack of integrity in both our Government AND our media, people are seeking out alternate sources. While there are many good alternate sources out there, the one that stands out the most in 2016 is Wikileaks. No matter your current opinion on Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange, no one can deny the role they played in the 2016 American Presidential Election. Media organizations like Wikileaks are necessary to continue to ensure that ‘We the People’ stay informed and able to fight back against government corruption.

So, why are there such conflicting opinions about Wikileaks?

If you are like me, you may not have paid much attention to Wikileaks prior to July 22, 2016- the day the DNC emails were published by Wikileaks. Some of you may have been watching Wikileaks since Julian Assange founded the organization in 2006. Either way, the American people are more aware of Wikileaks than ever before. The problem is that awareness does not necessarily come without confusion. Some of that confusion comes from lack of information. Some it comes from being told the WRONG information.

How can you be sure what is true about Wikileaks and what is part of the old media false narratives? Easy! Look at history.

Actions speak louder than words. That old adage is full of wisdom. Anyone can make a claim. They may even be able to put some opinion behind it that makes it sound reasonable. However, when history (actions) clearly negates the narrative (words) that they are speaking- the truth is revealed. You may be thinking- If finding the truth is that easy, why are there so many false narratives being distributed? One answer to that would be complacency to accept the facade that the main stream media pushes.

Because the media was once highly trusted and relied upon for truth, there is a large majority of people who do not feel the need to look any further for facts outside of what is presented to them by the media. The media is aware of this. They know that there are still people who accept what they say as gospel. They use this complacency to be able to push whatever story they need/want us to believe. In doing this, the media is no longer practicing journalism, they are pushing propaganda.

One point of propaganda that the media has pushed hard is the false narrative that Wikileaks and Julian Assange are connected to Russia. Despite multiple denials from Julian Assange himself, this narrative is still pushed without proof. In fact, this narrative was not pushed until President Elect Donald J. Trump was elected on November 8, 2016. Seeking an ‘explanation’ to his overwhelming victory, Russia became the scapegoat. Claims ranging from ‘Wikileaks received Podesta and DNC emails from Russian Intelligence’ to ‘Russia hacked the US Election’ began to spread like wildfire. However, when a simple request for proof is presented the narrative begins to quickly dissolve. A claim that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have connected Wikileaks to Russia is another easily disproved argument. 

Wikileaks has published over 10 million documents, some leading to court filings and indictments. Wikileaks has a pristine record for accuracy, verifying every document before publishing. Verifying a document’s accuracy prior to publishing, along with not altering documents for censorship, allows Wikileaks documents to be used for evidence in legal cases. Wikileaks has also won many awards over the years, including TIME Magazine, Person of The Year, Peoples Choice award in 2010. (A full list of awards can be found at  With a 10+ year history of accuracy, Wikileaks has earned their credibility. 

It is also important to note how Wikileaks operates. Many are under the false impression that Wikileaks is a hacking organization. This is not true. Wikileaks is a multi-national media organization. Documents are not obtained through hacking by Wikileaks, but rather by submissions from whistle-blowers and the like. As with any media organization/journalist, Wikileaks protects its sources. With the types of documents that Wikileaks handles (government secrets) there is a danger to being the source of that information. Sources can and should be protected, without protected sources there would be no investigative journalism. 

So with their proven history and accuracy, why now are they being touted as Russian Propaganda? 

In my opinion, this narrative serves two purposes. The first is to de-legitimize President Elect Donald J. Trump’s landslide win. The second is to distract from the content of the documents that were published. 

Let’s deal with the first purpose. President Elect Donald J. Trump won with 306 electoral votes on November 8, 2016. Many states were won that have been considered ‘solid’ blue for many, many years. Polls incorrectly predicted that these states would be won by Hillary R. Clinton. Because of this, some assume that the only way he won was by some sort of fraud. This is where the Wikileaks/Russia narrative comes into play. By claiming that Russia ‘influenced’ or ‘hacked’ the election via Wikileaks, they seek to turn his win into a ‘selection’. There is no indication whatsoever that the election was ‘hacked’ by Russia or any other entity.  The ‘reports’ being used to back up claims of Russian hacking do not even claim this. Instead, the claim is that through hacking the DNC and John Podesta and handing those documents to Wikileaks (which then became available to the public) Russia influenced voters to not vote for Hillary R. Clinton, therefore handing the election to Donald J. Trump. There are several things wrong with this theory. There are no reports providing any claim and/or evidence that Russia is the one that gave Wikileaks the documents. What they say instead is that evidence showing patterns consistent with Russian hacking have been linked with the hack attempts on the DNC. However, there is evidence of attempts of hacking by MULTIPLE entities on the DNC. If Russia did attempt to hack/spy on the Democratic Party (as most countries do to each other), there is nothing showing they released their Intel to Wikileaks. Julian Assange has repeatedly said that Russia is NOT the source of their information, alluding to an inside hand-off of information instead. 

Which leads me to the second purpose-the need to deflect and discredit the actual contents of what was published. The fight over WHO leaked the documents published by Wikileaks is ignoring the more significant topic of WHAT those documents contained. The fact is that the cables published contained true information. Julian Assange has addressed this issue many times, including a face to face interview with Sean Hannity on January 3, 2017. Refusing to give attention to the content and focusing on pushing Russian ties to Wikileaks is a weak attempt at deflection. The only people who are buying into that narrative are the people who need it to be true. The content of the documents published brought to light and confirmed suspected corruption in the Democratic Party as well as in Clinton’s campaign itself. 

Some of the things we learned through these cables include the following:

Multiple news personalities were colluding with the DNC by contacting them for talking points instead of reporting the truth. This revelation further confirmed the media bias and supported the thought that the mainstream media have become propaganda machines. 

 Donna Brazile was given not one, but multiple primary debate questions in advance. Those questions were then passed along to Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta for use in preparation of the debates. That is against the rules of debates and is part of the media collusion with the DNC.

The DNC, including the chair at the time-Debbie Wasserman Shultz, conspired to sabotage democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Their goal was to ensure a Hillary R. Clinton nomination regardless of what the voters wanted. The DNC does not exist to put a specific candidate on a platform but rather to support all candidates and allow the voters to select their choice for nomination of their party. 

These are just a few revelations that were gained from the cables published by Wikileaks. As cables were published by Wikileaks, people were able to dig through and find many alarming and corrupt practices by the DNC and Clinton’s campaign. This newly gained knowledge confirmed what we already knew. Suspicions of corruption along with actual FBI investigations had already revealed that voters had very real reasons to be concerned. Like it or not, we deserve to know these things. Transparency in government is not a new idea, it is the way it was intended to operate. Investigative journalism and whistle-blowing is also not a new idea. To suggest that an election was ‘hacked’ because the voters were given true and pertinent information is absurd. 

Wikileaks provided a service to American voters that SHOULD have come from our own media. We deserve the truth. We deserve transparency. It is time to stand up with Wikileaks and demand the truth! It does not matter about party affiliation; all corruption should be revealed. Do I think that we will ever be able to rid our government of corruption completely? No. Does that mean we should not actively seek to try? Of course not. It is our responsibility as aware and concerned citizens to be ‘We the people’. We have entered a new era, one where more people are awake than have been in a long time. It is your choice what you do now. Do you stand up and demand honesty and transparency? Or do you sit back and continue to close your eyes to what has happened to our country? I choose to fight! I hope you choose to fight with me. We need to stand together, regardless of party affiliation, and take our country back. Remember, united we stand and divided we fall. I choose to be on the right side of history, will you?


Wikileaks –

Sean Hannity interview with Julian Assange-


STOP Faithless Electors- Restore the People’s Vote!

We the people“By Rose Taylor and Tom Wise”

No one can deny that the 2016 election will be talked about for years to come. This is the first election I can remember, in my lifetime, to have caused such enormous emotional reactions – from both sides – centering on bitter arguments, clear scandal, and baseless claims.

Since Donald Trump was named our President-Elect on November 8, one of the most-talked-about topics has been the Electoral College. The Electoral College has been in place from the formation of our Constitution. In fact, the Electoral College elected our very first President, George Washington. While there have been some adjustments to the process over the years by Amendments to the Constitution, the Electoral College has stayed true to its original purpose.

Every Presidential election, the electors meet to cast their ballots for the candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States. Most people pay little or no attention to this process. In fact, most people are not aware how our election process actually even works. But in 2016, the attention paid to the Electoral College, and the electors that represent the votes for their states, increased exponentially.

Troublingly, there was a call for the electors to be ‘faithless electors,’ which means to not vote for the candidate chosen in their respective States. This rebellion against the rule of law reached a crescendo in 2016, when 4 electors did not vote the will of the people in Democrat-won Washington, and 2 electors did not vote the will of the people in GOP-won Texas, of all places. Although we might think this handful of ‘faithless’ electors did not CAUSE damage to the 2016 election, or to our election process in general, these rogue votes are in fact a THREAT to our electoral process and the peaceful transfer of power. To understand why this is, first we need to review a little history behind the creation of the Electoral College.

The Electoral College was formed in 1787 at the Constitutional Convention. Several different methods were considered to elect the President of the United States, including direct popular vote and Congressional selection. “The formation of the Electoral College sought to provide popular participation, give smaller states a voice, keep the Presidency and Congress independent of each other, and protect the election process from political manipulation.” (ref:

Some say a “national popular vote” is the fairest and most “democratic” way to elect our President. This is not even remotely true. A direct popular vote would hand our Presidential selection over to a few densely-populated counties in two or three States. Those areas would always be able to swing an election, and candidates would only have to focus their efforts in those counties. This is the beauty of the Electoral College. The United States of America is NOT a true democracy, nor were we ever intended to be one. We are collective Federal Republic of States with a common purpose and contract called the Constitution. The Constitution of these United STATES gives the power to the States, NOT to the Federal Government. The system of using electoral votes to elect the president as opposed to a popular vote thus ensures that the each State has equal representation.

And so it is that the Electoral College has served its purpose for over 200 years, and worked as intended.

The Constitution does not provide specific rules governing the electors’ responsibility to vote for, or choice to not vote for, the candidate selected by each State’s popular vote. That responsibility is left up to the States. This is important to understand. Whatever is not specifically in the Constitution is left to the States (Amendments 9 & 10). Thus, the 12th and 20th Amendments, which describe the duty of the electors only in vague terms, require further and final binding under State laws and constitutions.

Currently, there are 29 states, plus the District of Columbia, that have State laws binding the electors to vote for the candidate who wins the statewide popular vote. This means there are 21 States that technically have no legal control over how their electors vote. After the 2016 election, many sore Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, and even foreigners, began to clamor that the electors had the right to vote their “conscience.” However, because “conscience” is not in the US Constitution, the States have the right to bind electors to vote the will of the people.

The problem is, 21 States do not have such laws on their books. Why?

Mostly, the States have been complacent to believe that no amount of dissent in America would ever force or move electors to vote against the will of the people.

But it should be understood, when an elector casts a “rogue” vote, against the will of the people, they are NOT exercising a constitutionally-provided right. Rather, they are using a LOOPHOLE formed by the lack of specification in the US Constitution combined with lack of specific State law binding their electors. For example, in North Carolina, State Law provides that any elector who does not vote the will of the people is immediately invalidated and that rogue vote is replaced with the proper vote, indicating that electors are meant to be mere representatives of the people and not a “conscience” of the country.

The peaceful transfer of power has always been a defining characteristic of our country. When a “faithless elector” casts a vote for someone other than the candidate who won the statewide popular vote, they are endangering that process. Anarchy and chaos is the rule if electors can do as they like. Our founding fathers, when they created the Constitution and enacted the Electoral College, never intended for 538 people to have sovereign control over choosing the President. THINK ABOUT IT: If the electors are free to vote for whomever their “conscience” tells them to, what is stopping them from each casting a vote for a different person? What is to stop them from casting a vote for, say, Donald Duck? As ridiculous as that sounds, it is entirely possible given the existing loopholes. Therefore, an unregulated vote of the electors is not a vote of “conscience” but of LICENSE. And such license, as should be obvious, is dangerous.

The Electoral College met this year on December 19, 2016. According to the votes cast by the will of the people, Donald J. Trump should have been awarded 306 electoral votes and Hillary R. Clinton should have been awarded 232 electoral votes. However, there were several electors who decided that, for their own personal reasons, they knew better who should be the next President. There were six “faithless electors” who cast ballots, 1 for John Kasich, 1 for Ron Paul, 3 for Colin Powell and 1 for Faith Spotted Eagle. To illustrate how dangerous such rogue electors are, Ron Paul and Colin Powell did not run for President, not even at the primary level!  A few further electors in States that Clinton won tried to cast ballots for someone other than Clinton, but state laws properly overrode their votes, causing them to be thrown out and replaced with a different elector or with the proper vote. Although none of these rogue votes altered the ultimate outcome of the 2016 election, they did showcase several things which need to change.

First, those rogue elector votes cast in 2016 need to be returned back to the will of the people. How?

Luckily, our founding fathers had the foresight to add another layer to the electoral process. When the electors cast their ballots for President and Vice-President, their ballots are sealed and sent to the House of Representatives and Senate. The House and Senate will assemble on January 6th 2017 to open the ballots and confirm the votes. The sealed votes are opened by State, in alphabetical order, and the votes are read out loud and recorded. Once all ballots have been opened and recorded, the president of the House then calls for objections. All objections must be submitted in writing and signed by at least one member of the House and one member of the Senate. The House and the Senate would then convene to their respective chambers to consider the merits of any objections given, in accordance with 3 U.S.C. section 15.

WE SHOULD THEREFORE petition members of Congress to stand up and object to the rogue electoral votes cast in Washington State and in Texas. The rogue electoral votes cast by those “faithless electors” need to be overturned, and restored to the people’s vote. On January 6, 2017, when the electors’ ballots are opened and counted, all 6 rogue votes (both for President-Elect Donald J. Trump and for Hillary R. Clinton) can and should be objected to and thrown out.

~ #RestoreThePeoplesVote ~

We will provide you with the Twitter feeds, phone numbers, and emails of your specific Representative and Senator. Will they listen to you? YES! Tom contacted his representative in North Carolina, Mark Meadows, who told Tom he would check with the parliamentarian in the House to take such action. This was done on a personal level, so it could happen! But one congressman is not enough! We need EVERY congressman and Senator contacted and given the opportunity to defend and stand up for the will of the people. After all, if they are so concerned that Putin possibly hacked even ONE vote at the ballot box, why should they not be thousands of times more concerned if a rogue elector steals hundreds of thousands of votes in Texas?

You may be thinking- “Hey, it’s just a few votes, it didn’t change anything, why does it matter?” It matters because this sets the precedent for future elections. It may “only” be 6 “faithless electors” this time, but next time there may be enough rogue electoral votes to overrule the will of the people and change the results of an election. If that happens, a revolt very well could follow, resulting in the end of the “peaceful transfer of power” and even the republic as we know it. We believe it is of UTMOST importance that we put forth our best effort to #RestoreThePeoplesVote. Together we can do this! Remember, United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Let us not EVER have to tolerate a Chris Suprun again!

It is a BIG DEAL. Why do we vote if rogue electors can nullify? Do we shrug it off? No! Not when we have the power to demand change!

Second, the 21 states that currently do not have laws in place binding their electors to uphold the will of the people in their state need to address these loopholes. Electors should not hold the power to override the people. Not to mention, these electors are not always properly vetted and could easily be targeted and influenced. Power needs to remain in the hands of the people as established by our founding fathers and COMMON SENSE.

~ #RestoreThePeoplesVote ~

  1. We the People demand that Congress RESTORE THE PEOPLE’S VOTE.
  2. Restore the vote to reflect the will of the people, not a few electors acting AGAINST the will of people.
  3. We the People demand the States which have not sewn up the constitutional loopholes regarding electors pass legislation to do so.
  4. Protect the votes of the citizens of the States.



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