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Hey world,

2o years ago, Spencer Harris (made up name) was a fire-breathing 25-year-old from a nice, small Texas town who wanted to rule the world. Shortly thereafter, I was in a freak cow-tipping accident leaving my intellect only 25% intact. So I took up an interest politics. It was the only thing I could relate to at the time.

I’ve never written anything to put food on the table. I want to write about things that interest me in an effort to start a serious, yet light-hearted, dialogue. Some things are touchy, but that doesn’t take them off the table because the fun things are easy to talk about. All of the opinions I write are sarcastic and my own. They are not shared by any responsible, mature person. Any discussion is of course welcomed, but uneducated blathering can be directed to the nearest brick wall. I believe in the 2A and that Texas is its own nation. I believe that bacon and good whiskey is the cornerstone of civilization and that kale should be outlawed. People who live with their parents should not lecture me on taking care of the earth or anything else since they can’t take care of themselves. I’m basically doing this for the glory, to get girls and to prove my jr. high principle wrong.

And then came Rose. One night at a crawfish boil, I came across this insanely drunk girl lying in the grass. I ended up convincing her to let me have a shot at this writing thing. I’m sure it’s the single biggest regret of her life and yet legally, she can’t fire me.

Other than that I’m not much different than any of you.

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