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Foreign Affairs

All glory to God in the highest!

Thank God we live in a nation which has a Constitution, else we would be saddled with a king borne on the shoulders of the ignorant.


Our Constitution is our lifeblood contract with our government, ensuring our rights as human beings, and the ability to protect ourselves under the Second, Third, and other Amendments. Our Constitution limits our government from denying us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


These are things which I believe and I think.


I am a happy conservative, not ashamed like some, nor quiet like others. I am glad to boisterously tell you how great is God and our nation, and the documents and founders of our nation.


Here at Taylored Thoughts, I hope to share some educational moments as well as pure opinion. Thanks to Rose Taylor for putting this all together, and her hard work every day.


Me? I've been a father, musician, writer, businessman, teacher, pastor, campaign manager, and a host of other things which are not quite as important as they may sound.


Donald Trump has always been my choice, going back to 2012, when he intimated joining that race, and in 2016 from his historical trip down the escalator until this very moment. As long as Trump is Trump, it is Trump all the way.


I hope you enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy writing it.

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