Tony Joseph


Fake News revealed

I am a conservative from the wonderful state of Louisiana who wants to see this country regain it's glorious its former status of being the greatest country in existence! I am a firm believer in the Constitution and all of the great freedoms that it provides all of us.

I am here on Taylored Thoughts to express my, sometimes unorthodox, views on politics and will never apologize for my views. I hope that anyone who finds themselves reading any of my articles gains some insight into how I see the world and take something from it and apply it out in the world.

I view myself as a wandering soul in search for the truth. I am a survivor of mainstream media employment, Hurricanes Katrina & Rita,  and the great flood of 2016.

My guilty vices include being a poker player and scotch aficionado, along with Making America Great Again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Caveat Emptor!

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