Russia, Syria and Turkey A Fake News Perspective

Turkey NATO
Turkey NATO

Russia, Syria and Turkey: A Fake News Perspective

By Thomas Wise

A recent Bloomberg Article about Turkey said:

"A go-ahead by the Trump administration would bring an immediate gain for Erdogan by signaling that the U.S. no longer sees Kurds as an essential
element in the fight against Islamic State, a view that has infuriated its
NATO ally. Turkey, embroiled in a three-decade conflict with Kurdish
separatists regards Kurdish attempts to establish autonomy in northern
Syria as a direct national security threat.

Erdogan said on Tuesday in Istanbul that troops are on the verge of
capturing the town of Al-Bab, an Islamic State stronghold. He’s also asked
the U.S. to persuade Kurdish groups to withdraw from the border town of

“Manbij belongs to Arabs,” he said. "

In this article, Bloomberg barely makes it clear that Turkey is a NATO member (List of NATO countries here), making it seem instead that Turkey is attacking NATO.

These excerpts and this article, in general, are a culmination of propaganda by the left-wing press. Huffington Post, for example, has been attacking Turkey for some time:



HuffPo Turkey

Why is this propaganda, this Fake News, happening?

Clearly, the Left is against Russia. Why? Russian pipelines run through Turkey, providing oil and gas to Europe. The Syrian civil war is a threat to that pipeline, so Russia is also acting in its own interests. But let's be clear: the Left is not interested in competing with Russia in capitalist terms. This is not "Russia is stealing our business." In fact, the Left has barely acknowledged the Russo-European pipelines, instead focusing on Vladimir Putin as an infiltrator of elections.

Turkey's leader, Erdogan, is a similar target by those same Leftists. Again, the Left is attacking a leader who is attempting to stabilize the region. Whether it's Putin or Erdogan, the Left is insanely decrying any attempt at peace in Syria except on its own terms. Remember when the Left made wild claims regarding Assad using chemical weapons on his own people. Did this actually happen? Or was it Fake News? What was the purpose?

All the Left has succeeded in doing is making the situation in Syria worse, by telling Syrians they need to flee their own country.  This obviously has led to the "refugee" crises we see in Europe and around the world.

Why, if one didn't know better, one might think the Left WANTS a Syrian civil war in order to foster and facilitate the "refugee" crisis! Oh, but there is NO evidence of that. No leader in Germany or France or Canada has ever taken in or desired to take in an inordinate number of Syrians. No one named Obama has ever flooded any part of the USA with Syrian, Somali, or Iraqi refugees. Obama never bombed those countries 26,000 times in 2016 alone. Oh wait- yes he did, yes he did, and yes they did.

Leftist leaders in Europe and the Americas attack Putin and Erdogan for attempting to stabilize the region for their own interests. These same Leftist leaders then brazenly take in massive numbers of Muslims into their countries, claiming a moral duty. Moral duty? To whom? According to the Left, it's Putin and Erdogan who have the moral duty. So why is the Left so willing to take on the burden of what they say belongs to Putin and Erdogan?

One might say, "To be better than them!" How are you "better" when your countries suffer under the weight of these Muslims? In fact, this weight makes Putin and Erdogan RIGHT, not wrong. How? If the Left hadn't interfered, this would've been settled already, one way or the other.  Now, the West is reeling from "refugee" crime and tumult.

This is not to say Putin or Erdogan are good people or have noble intentions. It's all business, stability, and good for the Russians and Turks. Let me be clear: I get nothing out of applauding anything Putin or Erdogan do. However, the Left is destroying the West by taking in Muslim "refugees" under the guise of fighting against Putin and Erdogan.

Why do I keep putting "refugees" in quotes?  Well, the "refugees" are mainly men of military age. Why are these cowards fleeing their homes and families? They are entreated and encouraged to do so, by the Left. Why is the Left encouraging this?  The Left wants to destroy the West intentionally. Why? Guilt complexes, self-hatred, and coveting the success of others: these would seem to be self-evident psychoses of those on the Left who are bent on this destruction.

The same psychotic Left that writes Fake News articles regarding the intentions of Turkey and Russia also writes Fake News about America, Donald Trump, Europe, Brexit, and so on. Why so much Fake News? The answer is simple- To further their agenda, fueled by a seething hatred of America and Americana. They desire to destroy not only the West but also every vestige of Western civilization. They, in my opinion, are the Western version of ISIS.

The Syrian civil war could literally be over if the Left would stop interfering. Right-wingers are called "neocons, " but liberal nation-building is more insidious and subtle. Rather than build, they destroy and keep destroying. Sound familiar? They do the same thing with the African-American community in America. Keep them down, keep them angry, and blame the Republican white man. The same is happening in Syria: keep blaming NATO ally Turkey, and the Russian bear, while at the same time pretending to stand up for Turkey against Donald Trump, who is actually FOR the peace.

Why is the Left against Russia?  In a sentence, Russia is no longer communist enough for the Left. Remember when Barack Obama leaned over to Medvedev and said, "Tell Vlad after the election I'll have more flexibility."



Why is THAT not criticized? Not only, as you might think, to protect Obama, but to safeguard the agenda of the Left. "But if the Left is against Russia, why did Obama say that?" Have you ever thought that Obama said what he said into the hot mic because he KNEW it was hot?  A master of deception, Obama waves his hand one way while he does other things with his tentacles. Sure, we are aware Obama is a snake, but this image doesn't matter to him if he can make it appear that Russia manipulates the American Presidency. Get it?

Why is Turkey important? It is Asia Minor, the link between Europe and Asia. It is the seat of the old Ottoman Empire and the old Holy Roman Empire. It is a neighbor to Syria. It is a conduit for Russia. It is part of NATO. If you do not take Turkey seriously, you do not take anything seriously.  The Left wants you to think Turkey is a devilish ally of Russia, while at the same time demanding that President Trump accepts NATO, which includes Turkey, without question. Then, when he accepts NATO, they will demand he sanction Turkey!

So remember, when you read anything about Russia, Turkey, or Syria in the left wing press, it's almost always lies. There is NO possible way the Left can be FOR peace and FOR unlimited refugees AT THE SAME TIME. Peace brings the refugees home, which appears to be something the Left resists because these refugees are part of the Left's destruction of the West.


Author: Tom Wise

Business owner. Political operative. Writer. Blogger. Tweeter. Aspiring human. Jew. Christian.