TRUMPCARE - Fake News!

By Thomas Wise

In recent weeks the press has decided to dub the House Republican "healthcare" bill, which purportedly repeals Obamacare, "Trumpcare." Nothing could be further from reality.  President Donald Trump did not WRITE the House bill, and (as of this writing) he has not SIGNED any such bill into law.  The House bill is entirely the brainchild (or godson, if you will) of Paul Ryan, and should rightly be called "Ryancare" or, in its Latin name, Piecus Crappus.

The fact that President Trump has rallied for this bill, or appeared to rally for it, is moot. If the bill never passes, it cannot get signed, and therefore can't be called Trumpcare. To compare, "Romneycare" was both a concept from, and signed by, Mitt Romney. "Hillarycare" was a project written by, or at least with significant input from, Hillary Clinton, even if it was never signed into law. Moreover, good old Obamacare, while not from the "mind" of Obama per se, WAS in fact signed by Obama.

So why does the dishonest and self-aggrandizing press print such obvious fake news as calling the Ryan bill "Trumpcare" when that is so easily rebutted?  Basically, the press knows humans are lazy, prone to believe repeated memes (even if false), and are largely without access to truer facts than the media supplies. Simply, they call it Trumpcare because you BELIEVE it. If you did not buy it, they would change the name quickly to suit the absorption rate.

Why is this important? In the grand scheme of things, it is not. However, in the context of the dissolution of our society, it is another "brick in the wall." Our inability or reluctance to ferret out the truth, and to demand it, will be the death of us. Whether the press is trying to convince us that ISIS is not Islamic, or that Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong (or pick your favorite peeve), it is evidence that journos think they rule us. This would not be so important except that our leaders appear much of the time to be weak-willed puppets. Thus, it is left to the press to lead.

Is this true? Are we so desirous of leadership that we will choose between inept politicians and sneaky journalists? I'm sorry to say, yes.

Think about it - Congress has a terrible approval rating, yet they continue to be reelected. According to Gallup (journos, nevertheless), public approval of Congress stood at 19% in January 2017 and 24% in March 2017.


This means between 3-in-4 and 4-in-5 people thinks Congress is terrible. Even so, 95% of Congressmen are reelected year after year. Since the year 2000, Representatives have been reelected on average about 94% of the time (in 2010, the reelection rate was 85%). For Senators, the reelection rate has been on average (over the same time period) about 85%.

You can squawk all day about them dirty rotten politicians, but the fact is (unless term limits are ever ratified to the Constitution) you will probably be putting up with that same idiot next term.

President Donald Trump (and many others) have asserted that the media has an even lower approval rating than Congress. Is this true? Politifact did a study on this assertion and found it to be "mostly false" (SOURCE). 

What a surprise, the media defending itself while at the same time hitting President Trump, while at the same time trying to appear unbiased and humble! What a joke.

The press has a habit of misidentifying, or perhaps it would be better to say RE-identifying, such political footballs.  Why? Simply, the press is not on your side. When I say "your side," I mean both the Left and the Right. The press is for ITSELF, and no other. They only cheer on "freedom of the press" if it means they get to produce the news and you get to consume it. It is for them to label and inform (or misinform) and for you to believe. This is what the press as a whole believes, and how they act.  Period.

Is this a new phenomenon? No, not really. The press has basically always believed itself to be the ultimate power on Earth, making kings and shaping kingdoms. In the Bible, the serpent falsely reported to Eve that God was lying, that the fruit would not cause her to die. Why? To undermine the true power. Unfortunately for Adam and Eve, fake news cost them (and us) dearly.

Even those journos (media types) who fashion themselves as real watchdogs are apt to view themselves as the true power, overcoming the "evil press" with "true facts." I am not saying there aren't good eggs out there (I can name a dozen off the bat), only that, in the end, we rely on THEM for truth without actually witnessing the events they describe. Even those media types who purport to watchdog the media have this ego trip, thinking they alone shape public opinion. Perhaps I exaggerate by reporting on such reporting, but in essence, this is factual.

This article is hardly exhaustive, but you get the point: the media is dishonest, and we know it, but we do nothing about it. Just as we keep reelecting people we supposedly can't stand, we keep watching the news we supposedly think is fake.  As long as we watch fake news, they will produce fake news. For this reason, the media feels no obligation to refrain from calling Ryancare "Trumpcare."

Doing so serves an immediate purpose, which is to undermine President Trump, who is at odds with the media’s world-shaping mindset. It also serves another immediate purpose, to saddle President Trump with a healthcare bill that is no less than "Obamacare light" (to use a media meme). It also serves an agenda, to retain Obamacare in the public sphere, which serves to retain Obamacare itself. Why? It makes no difference if Obamacare is a failure, the media must never admit that failure. That admission would negate eight years of sycophantic fawning and shed a little light on media lying and hypocrisy. This makes no never mind for the older consumer but, the younger consumer, already seeking news from alternate sources, would be more motivated to steer clear of fake news. THIS is the TRUE goal of media: to continue shaping their world in their image without losing young viewership to truer forms of media. Thus, the attacks by fake news on Breitbart, Infowars, Fox, and outlets that at least TRY to give a less putrefied version of the news.

Fake News! - The media controls the media. They do not. YOU control the media when you hold them accountable. Exercise your right to know as many factual things as possible so you can stitch together a truthful narrative for yourself, and not lazily depend on media bias and self-interest.

Author: Tom Wise

Business owner. Political operative. Writer. Blogger. Tweeter. Aspiring human. Jew. Christian.